Now offering free Wi-Fi!

RTA is investing in a well-rounded experience for all riders, with the announcement of Homework Hot Spots/Free Wi-Fi coming soon to even more stations and vehicles beginning in September 2019 and expecting the full fleet to be equipped by spring of 2020.

Officer Greg Theiss

RTA’s Transit Police department handles calls for service and other emergencies just like every other police department in Ohio. Our 140 sworn officers pledge to keep not only RTA’s staff and riders, but everyone in Greater Cleveland safe every day. This past July, Officer Greg Theiss was on his break when someone approached him about a man about to jump off a bridge. Officer Theiss responded quickly to the bridge at W. 140-Lorain, which is just above our rapid tracks by the West Park Rapid Transit Station.

S-Curve Update

Work on the S-Curve retaining wall is on schedule to be completed by the end of August. A total of 75 steel frames have been erected and a layer of anti-corrosion and ultraviolet protection coating is being applied. There is still work taking place closer to the Airport for track and infrastructure improvements. RTA has been proactive in the repair of the S Curve; this video shows the most up to date progress.

Real Time Solar Signs Pilot Program

RTA pilots solar real-time bus arrival information signs

By: Mandy Metcalf, Planning Team Leader - Programming & Planning Dept.

Knowing exactly when your bus will arrive makes riding transit easier and less stressful. That’s why RTA is testing solar real-time arrival information signs from CHK Connectpoint. The signs list when the bus is coming for all the routes at the stop and update every minute based on the actual position of the bus. These signs are located on the outside of the shelter or on a pole nearby for easy rider access.

Nick Krehel, Jr.

You could say Nick Krehel Jr. was born into his position at RTA. He’s a third generation RTA employee, his grandfather was a rail operator, his father was a dispatcher at Paratransit, his brother Justin is an Equipment Servicer, and Nick works as an Equipment Repair Leader.

Leslie Rivers Operator Spotlight

Leslie Rivers just celebrated her 19th anniversary here at RTA as a bus operator and has definitely made those years count! You can always find her with a smile on her face. She lives by her philosophy, “Treat people the way you want to be treated. You never know someone’s story. I’m not above anyone and I never want to take anything for granted. Always give back.”  Her passengers enjoy seeing her every day, as she is a beacon of light while crossing their paths.

Track Clean Up

With ocean clean-up being such a hot topic right now, what about land clean-up? RTA takes pride in customer satisfaction, and that includes keeping our rail tracks and right-of-way clean. We had the opportunity to sit down with Teresa Muti, Manager of Power and Way, who also organizes rail clean-ups on the Red, Blue, and Green Lines. These clean-ups include trash pick-up and removal, graffiti removal, tire disposal, and much more. The track department's hard work helps to keep Cleveland beautiful!


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