Buses on this route travel between the Westlake Park-N-Ride lot and Downtown Cleveland via I-90. The route ends at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center at Cleveland State Univerisity.


Park-N-Ride Bus Senior/Disabled Student K-12
Cash Fares $2.75 $1.25 $1.75
5-Trip Fare Cards $13.75 $6.25 $8.75
7-Day Passes $27.50 $12.50
Monthly Passes $105.00 $48.00
246: Westlake Park-N-Ride

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Park-N-Ride Service

RTA operates threee major Park-N-Ride routes. The clean, comfortable, quiet motor coaches are equipped with high-back reclining seats, tray tables, and individual passenger lighting. Parking is free in RTA’s secure lots, and the service is express to Downtown along direct freeway routes.

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