RTA Cleans!

GCRTA Boosts Cleaning Program

GCRTA cleans and cares about rider satisfaction! To enhance customer satisfaction we have boosted our cleaning practices. Our maintenance staff has always had an extensive checklist for routine interior cleaning for GCRTA vehicles; however, we have updated our cleaning processes and decreased the amount of time between interior vehicle cleanings.

New HealthLine Buses

Shiny, new HealthLine buses will soon be appearing on the Euclid Corridor, after Greater Cleveland RTA purchased 16 buses this past year.

“It’s always exciting when you get to add new vehicles to your fleet,” Dan Dietrich, Director of Fleet Management, said. “These come with all the latest bells and whistles you would expect and I think it is really going to enhance our rider experience.” 

Transit Police Partner with Greater Cleveland RTA, Lowe’s to Beautify Cuyahoga Diversion Center

Chief Jones was recently hired back in March but has wasted no time getting involved in the community.

She toured the Cuyahoga Diversion Center recently and noticed the women’s garden was overgrown and in disrepair.

“There was overgrowth everywhere. It wasn’t very appealing,” she said.

Phase I Rehabilitation of Viaduct Bridge

Bridge rehabilitation of this 31 span, 3400-foot-long Cuyahoga Viaduct structure crossing over the flats and the Cuyahoga River will allow riders to continue to have a safe and smooth ride across the largest asset in the GCRTA inventory.  The almost 100-year-old structure will experience various phases of rehabilitation over the next 5 years to maintain safe use of the bridge into the next millennium.


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