Mar 25, 2019

The RTA Travel Trainers are a small but mighty duo; Adrienne Parker and Alisa Murray are the faces of the RTA Travel Training service. Both come from the social worker backgrounds and coincidentally, used to work together prior to RTA. Adrienne has been with RTA for 6 years now and Alisa has been with RTA for 4 years. In their time here, they have been able to touch many lives by giving people the skills to be able to conquer public transportation.

They believe that everyone who is capable should have the opportunity to travel independently, using public transportation to meet their travel needs. Assisting people from various backgrounds, the Travel Trainers work with those who have mental and physical disabilities, seniors, and offer group training to refugees and to over 65 schools across Cuyahoga County. Training includes the use of the bus, train and Trolley systems and teaches them how to use RTA to get to school, medical appointments, and employment. There are many benefits to travel training including flexibility for travel, a greater sense of independence, and better access to employment, job training, education and recreation.

Through working with Catholic Charities, they have been able to work side by side for people in search new employment. Many times, the individual requesting travel training services speaks little to no English, so Adrienne and Alisa step in to teach them how to get to and from work, read landmarks and signs, and effectively learn and remember their personalized routes. Travel trainers go above and beyond to ensure quality service to those in need of guidance on riding RTA.  

Adrienne and Alisa do most of their work with school groups. They go to the classroom four times with specific sessions on how to be successful by riding RTA. These lessons are divided into additional sessions so the children will not be overwhelmed and they will get the most out of this experience. The first lesson is a general overview of RTA and why it is important, including a short lesson on safety and security. The second lesson is more interactive, teaching them how to read schedules and highlight their own routes. They explain how RTA is a Safe Place and children are always encouraged to hop on the bus when they feel they are in danger. The third lesson is learning to navigate the RTA website, By the time they get to lesson four, students are ready to put their knowledge to the test and ride with RTA! The group starts by taking the bus to Tower City, hopping on the rapid, takes the HealthLine, and riding around on the Trolley. This is always the students' favorite session!

Travel Training is a free service to the community and works based off of a referral system. This allows for them to come directly to you and offers one-on-one training, including planning your trip, purchasing a ticket, and traveling independently. Group training is offered to group homes, transitional housing, senior citizen facilities, and schools. With training from our Travel Trainers, Adrienne and Alisa, you can learn valuable tips on bus safety, understanding route maps and schedules, using the lift or ramp with a mobility device, and general transit safety skills. You can find more information at and put in a referral to be contacted by the travel trainers and learn how to ride the RTA system.