Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is to serve RTA's Board of Trustees, management, staff, users and general public in a pro-active role as the pulse of the community in the promotion and provision of high-quality transportation programs and services.


  • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on fare changes, Long-Range Plan updates, and major or new projects.
  • Provide comments on service changes.
  • Review, monitor and recommend service and program improvements or expansion projects to RTA.
  • Strengthen relations within the transit communities through the development and implementation of public relations campaigns, programs and events.

Focus areas

  • Ease of Use. Make RTA easier to use for all riders. Participate in implementation of projects for improved transit waiting environments.
  • Safety and Security. Ensure that RTA is a safe and secure system.
  • Advocacy and Partnerships. Advocate and partner with organizations to increase transit funding and promote public transit use.

Interested in serving?

If you are a service-oriented person who rides transit regularly, you may interested in future openings.  Read the information here. If you are interested, print out the application, and mail it to RTA.

If you have questions, contact Jose Feliciano, 216-356-3114.

2018 Meeting Schedule, agendas and minutes




TIAC Meeting
TIAC Meeting
February 2
CAC Meeting
March 8
ADA Meeting
January 18
ADA Meeting
February 15
ADA Meeting
March 16




TIAC Meeting
April 5
TIAC Meeting
May 4
CAC Meeting
June 8
ADA Meeting
April 19
ADA Meeting
May 17
ADA Meeting
June 21




TIAC Meeting
July 6
TIAC Meeting
August 3
CAC meeting
September 14
ADA Meeting
July 19
ADA Meeting
August 23
ADA Meeting
September 20




TIAC Meeting
October 5
TIAC Meeting
November 2
CAC Meeting
December 14
ADA Meeting
Ocotber 18
ADA Meeting
November 15
ADA Meeting
December 20


Community Advisory Committee

Edward Opett, Chair
Johnny Brewington, Vice Chair
2nd Thursday of every month
8:30 a.m. -10 a.m.
RTA Main Office, Board Room

CAC Committees

ADA Committee

Transit Improvement Advisory Committee (TIAC)

Ron Jackson & Donna Prease, Co-Chairs
3rd Thursday of every month
9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
RTA Main Office, Meeting Room 1
Crystal Guevarez, Chair
2nd Thursday of every month (except if CAC meeting )
8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
RTA Main Office, Meeting Room 1

CAC Members

Steve Albro* David Applefeld
Johnny Brewington Crystal  Guevarez
Ron Jackon Marie Fratus*
 Edward Opett  Sylvio Mecone
Dr. Joseph A. Sopko  Donna Prease*
Jessica Whale Marjorie Sutton
George Zeller*  Andre White*
 * indicates emeritus