It's easy to carry your bike on an RTA bus rack

Up to 50,000 people per year use RTA's Rack-N-Roll program. Here are some guidelines.


100 percent of RTA buses have racks that hold either 2 or 3 bikes. Signal the bus driver before boarding, and load your bike on the exterior racks. If the exterior rack is full, wait for the next bus. On Feb. 18, 2014, the RTA Board approved spending $250,000 to purchase 430 three-position bike racks.


Bring your bike on board. There is a designated bike area behind the articulated portion of the vehicle.

Rapid Transit

Roll your bike on and stand with it. An adult must accompany anyone younger than age 18 with bicycles.

  • Only two bicycles are permitted per rail car, with space available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Bikes are permitted on RTA trains, based on operator discretion. If the train is full, or if space at the end of the car is already taken by customers in wheelchairs, cyclists may be asked to wait for the next train.
  • No tandems, recumbents, mopeds, or tricycles are permitted on RTA vehicles.
  • Bicycles are not allowed on station escalators. Use the stairs and elevators only.
  • Yield to wheelchair passengers.
  • Board the train after other passengers, and stay with your bicycle for the entire ride.
  • Keep aisles and doorways open.
  • Bikes must be securely held or tied in place.
  • On the platform, keep your bicycle away from the edge at all times.
  • Obey posted signs and instructions from authorized personnel, including RTA Transit Police, Service Quality Management, Rail District operating and supervisory personnel and municipal police.

At the Tower City Station

  • Enter and leave by taking the elevator between the station level and Prospect Avenue level (3rd floor), using the Prospect Avenue doors to the left and right of the elevator.
  • Bicycles are prohibited from all other areas of The Avenue at Tower City Center, including stairs, escalators and retail areas.
  • Transfer between Blue, Green, Waterfront and Red Line Trains using the faregates designated for wheelchairs.

At Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

  • Bicycles may be locked outside in designated areas.
  • For safety reasons, bicycles are not permitted inside terminal buildings.

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