An RTA proof-of-payment machine

Cash Fare / 1-Way Ticket

  • Bus/Rapid/BRT                      $2.25
  • Park-N-Ride Bus                    $2.50
  • Trolley                                    Free with a smile *
  • Student                                  $1.50
  • Senior/Disabled                     $1.00
  • Paratransit                             $2.25
  • Out-of-County                        $3.50

* Trolleys are underwritten by downtown contributors. Without their help, rides would be $1.50 each.

5-Trip Farecard

  • Bus/Rapid/BRT/Paratransit   $11.25
  • Park-N-Ride Bus                   $12.50
  • Student                                  $  7.50
  • Senior/Disabled                     $  5.00

A pre-printed 5-trip card is valid until the expiration date on the card, regardless of when the trips are used used. A CSK-issued 5-trip card is good for six months from the date of purchase.

Monthly Pass

  • Bus/Rapid/BRT/Paratransit    $85.00
  • Park-N-Ride Bus                    $95.00
  • Senior/Disabled                     $38.00

7-Day Pass

  • Bus/Rapid/BRT/Paratransit   $22.50
  • Park-N-Ride Bus                   $25.00
  • Senior/Disabled                     $10.00

All-Day Pass

  • Individual                              $5.00
  • Student                                 $4.00
  • Senior/Disabled/Child           $2.50

Cleveland Pass *

  • 1-Day                                   $  5.00
  • 2-Day                                   $10.00
  • 4-Day                                   $20.00

* Unlimited rides until 3 a.m. the next day. (A 4-Day Pass used for the first time on Monday expires at 3 a.m. on Friday.) They were designed for tourists, but anyone can buy them on-line.      

Other Important Information

  • All Senior/Disabled cash fares, farecards and passes require passenger to show valid RTA Senior or Disabled ID (both of which include a photo), or a Medicare card, as well as a driver's license or other official photo ID.
  • All-Day Passes are available for purchase on all RTA vehicles at the farebox, ticket vending machines, and at retail agents.
  • Child fares apply to children age 6-12, when accompanied by a fare-paying adult. Children under age 6 ride free. In either case, a limit of three children per fare-paying adult applies.
  • ADA-certified Paratransit passengers may ride fixed-route bus and rapid service at no cost.
  • Student farecards are for grades K-12.

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