There is Braille signage at all rail stations

RTA supports the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which was created in 1990 to ensure the rights of disabled persons across the nation.

Using transit

All RTA buses, trains, trolleys and HealthLine vehicles are ADA-compliant. Major rail stations and passenger facilities are either ADA-compliant, or on a multi-year construction schedule for upgrades.

Even if a rail station is compliant, gaps may develop between the platform edge and the rail car edge. Operators have been trained to use a special ramp that covers those gaps. If you believe you will have difficulty boarding, ask the rail operator to put down the ramp.

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Contact us

Disabled persons are represented on RTA’s Board of Trustees, as well as a volunteer body, the Citizens Advisory Board. Both groups meet monthly, and work to ensure that the needs of disabled persons are addressed.

Felicia Brooks-Williams is the Manager of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and the ADA program. If you have questions or concerns about ADA or EEO, call her at 216-356-3085.

Read more about RTA’s EEO program.

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