Jan 21, 2021

In preparation for the bus system redesign, NEXT GEN RTA, our Sign Shop has been busy at work printing and placing new bus stop signs. So we don’t confuse customers with this new information that won’t be accurate until June, the signs will look just a little different.

Bus stop signs that have been replaced along a route for NEXT GEN RTA will just look like the current bus stop signs, but with a blue bar over all the text. There will be no specific current route information posted at the stop, such as route number or span of service.

These signs will show NEXT GEN RTA information as we get closer to the implementation date in June.
Signs have started to be posted along the #9 and the #38 and will continue throughout the rest of the system throughout the spring. There are over 6,000 bus stops in the GCRTA service area.

As we get closer to implementation, more information on NEXT GEN RTA will be available online at www.rideRTA.com/nextgen. Check back in early April for updates.