Dec 10, 2018

Written by Amy Snell, RTA Planning Team Leader

RTA is in the TOD Business!

How would you like to exit the W.25th Street Rapid Station and find yourself just steps from your apartment? The office? Bars, restaurants, and shopping?  That is what Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is all about! With the help from our regional partners, the Cleveland Metroparks is constructing the Red Line Greenway – a multi-use, 1.8 mile trail located on vacant railroad right-of-way that plans to open late 2020!  This project is funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), with the purpose to reinvest in communities for economic development opportunities! That is why we believe the vacant property along Columbus and Abbey Road will be a catalyst for future growth in the neighborhood and the site will truly be accessible by all - through rapid transit, BRT, bike, cars, and on foot!

So why this site?

The W.25th Street Station is already known for being located in one of the hippest areas in Cleveland, the Ohio City neighborhood.  With the excess land that is not being used for track maintenance and the Red Line Greenway, this provides an opportunity to make the W.25th Street Rapid Station more centrally located as a hub for the neighborhood and better connect to the nearby Duck Island Community.
Earlier this fall, RTA announced it is working to find a reputable partner to work with RTA and the community in creating a development that will be beneficial for all.  This TOD project is not just a RTA project, but a project that will ask for stakeholder and community support, opinions, and ideas.  The more successful this development is, the better it is for RTA and the community.  This project could be used as a source of revenue that can be returned to customers like you!

Keep an eye out for future information and developments on this exciting project, and how you can get involved and stay informed. RTA is excited about this project, our partnership with Cleveland Metroparks, and the future of Transit Oriented Development in Cleveland.