RTA is 42 years old this year, and the Cleveland International Film Festival is 41 -- that's a great partnership.

The 2017 Festival is March 29-April 9. We suggest that you comb the CIFF Program Guide, chose the movies you want to see, and plan your trip Downtown on RTA.

There are a number of easy and convenient ways to get to the Tower City Cinemas. RTA’s Red, Blue and Green Line 'Rapid' transit trains will get you inside Tower City* and just a short walk from the theaters. Parking is free at RTA stations and several stations are conveniently located near exits of I-71, I-90, I-480 and I-271. However, keep in mind the last Green Line train to leave Tower City is at 9:00 PM.

RTA’s HealthLine runs 24/7 on Euclid Avenue and stops directly across from the JACK Casino, adjacent to Tower City. Several other bus routes run 24/7 as well.

RTA’s green trolleys operate around the Downtown area, including Playhouse Square, Cleveland State University and the Warehouse District. And best of all, you can ride for free with a smile. Trolleys operate on different routes with different hours during the day, evenings and on the weekends.

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It's always a good idea to have the exact fare. Dollar bills are accepted.

Fare  Price
Bus or Rapid, cash fares, one-way $2.50
All-Day Pass $5.50
Seniors (65+) cash $1.25
Seniors (65+) All-Day Pass $2.75

Proof of Payment on the Red Line and on the HealthLine

Fare payment on the Red Line and on the HealthLine is made at the red Ticket Vending Machines at each station. Purchase or activate your farecard at these machines, and retain this ticket until you exit the system. You may be asked to show your Proof of Payment to Fare Enforcement Officers who monitor the system.

On the Blue and Green Line trains, pay when you board all westbound (inbound) trains. For eastbound (outbound) trains, pay when you leave the train.

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