Nov 4, 2014

As we process the results from December's meetings, do more analysis and get ready for the next round of public feedback events in May, here's some interesting news for transit and BRT afficionadoes:

First, A recent study from the University of Southern California found that providing quality public transportation reduces vehicle usage and pollution. The study specifically looked at car use before and after the opening of the Expo Line to Culver City in Los Angeles, and noted, those who live within half a mile of a station reduced their driving by 40 percent, traveled 10 to 12 miles less per day and increased transit use threefold. Access to transit also increased physical activity by adding time spent walking to stations. In turn, these same individuals reduced their carbon emissions by 30 percent.  Want to read more?  You can download the study at

And in BRT news, Cleveland's own Healthline has been named the highest -quality corridor in the US and Canada by no less than the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy.  As the press release noted, "The BRT Standard, a best-practice guide for bus rapid transit systems... ranked the best quality BRTs from around the world as gold, silver, bronze, or basic BRT. RTA’s HealthLine achieved silver status, the only one among seven in the United States to do so."

So we have some good examples to work from as we continue the Red Line-Healthline Extension Study.  Stay tuned... more to come! 

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