The RTA CLE mobile ticketing app for iOS and Android devices allows customers to set up a secure account to purchase, save and use tickets for Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) bus and rail trips right from their smartphone.

Using this free mobile app eliminates the need to stand in line at fare vending machines or at the Customer Service Center. The ability to purchase RTA fare anywhere at any time using a smartphone and credit card is a valued convenience for all customers. At the moment, mobile fare purchases only include All Day, 7-Day, and Monthly Passes.

The RTA Mobile Ticketing application is free and downloading the application or any application upgrade should be at no cost.

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Key Features:

  • Plan your trip inside the app
  • Buy fare from your phone
  • Manage your purchasing history
  • Skip the lines at the kiosk

How to Use:

  1. Plan your trip and / or buy tickets
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter credit or debit card Information
  4. Pay for your fare
  5. Activate ticket when you are ready to ride

Simply show your live ticket screen session to operators or have it ready when boarding RTA vehicles.


Dos and Don'ts

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AVOID activating tickets at the time of purchase (check box in the shopping cart). It is easier to avoid unwanted ticket activation if you selectively activate your tickets from the Ticket Manager/Ticket Wallet when you intend to start using them.

DO NOT activate multiple tickets for the same passenger. Be careful not to overlap active tickets, unless you are using your phone to pay fares for yourself and also for a companion or companions.

DO NOT attempt to access your mobile ticketing account on more than one mobile device. This will result in an “App locked” condition requiring assistance from mobileticketing@gcrta.org.

DO NOT uninstall and reinstall the application unless directed by customer support. This may result in an “App locked” condition requiring assistance from mobileticketing@gcrta.org.

DO create your account with the cell phone number of the phone on which you are using the app.

DO show the “Active Tickets” screen on your phone to the turnstile attendant or vehicle operator. Be prepared to tap on the displayed ticket to show the attendant or operator the animated QR code screen on your phone's display.

DO be sure to display an Active ticket screen before entering the Tower City Rotunda or any other area where cellular or Wi-Fi service might be weak or unavailable.

DO present identification that demonstrates eligibility (ADA, drivers’ license, etc.) for any reduced fare. If your mobile pass Color Box is brown (see below) you must show proper identification to use that ticket.


Where can I use mobile ticketing?
On all RTA mainline service (excludes Paratransit services) busses and trains.
How can I pay for a fare?
You can make mobile ticketing purchases by credit card from within the app.
Which credit cards do you accept?
American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Certain specially-issued (employer) payment cards may have limitations. If you encounter problems, please verify with your payment card issuer that it authorizes purchases using the GCRTA Mobile Ticketing application.
How do I board and ride with a mobile ticket?
Just show an activated ticket, on your phone screen, to the driver, attendant, or fare-enforcement officer.
Do my mobile tickets expire?
Tickets can be bought in advance and will not expire until they are activated. Each activated mobile ticket expires according to standard RTA rules for that type of pass (1-Day, 7-Day, or Monthly). Each ticket shows an “Expires in” counter that lets you see exactly when it will expire. Tickets that have already expired are shown in your “Rider History” screen and cannot be used.
Can I transfer to another ride with the app?
Yes. As long as you have a current, activated mobile ticket you can transfer to another ride.
Can I use my account/tickets on more than one phone?
A Mobile Ticketing account can only be authorized on one mobile device at a time. The account cannot be shared between multiple devices.
Can I share my RTA Mobile Ticketing account?
Your account and your tickets can only be used on your own phone. This is because of the way the mobile ticketing system makes sure that your tickets are secure and can only be used by you.
What should I do if I get a replacement phone?
If you change to another phone you must contact us to assist with the change and prevent you from having an “App locked” error. E-mail us at mobileticketing@gcrta.org with the subject "Replacement Device.” Make certain to include your mobile phone number in the email. See “Can I change my cell-phone number?” if you are also changing your telephone number.
Can I change my cell-phone number?
Yes, although you will need customer-service assistance to transfer your tickets and account history to a new phone number.

E-mail us at mobileticketing@gcrta.org with the subject "Phone Number Change”. In the e-mail, make sure to include both the old and new phone number (and clearly state which is which) and indicate whether you are changing phone numbers but keeping the same smart phone or if you are also switching phones.

How do I unlock my account if I encounter an “App locked” message?
E-mail us at mobileticketing@gcrta.org with the subject "Locked Account Message”.

In the e-mail, include your mobile device phone number and details of the error message. Let us know when you first saw the error (approximate day and time) and anything you did yourself to try to fix it.

Can I get a receipt for my Mobile Ticketing Purchase?
Yes, if you add your email address to your app Profile. You can get an email receipt for a specific past ticket purchase, or choose to have new receipts automatically emailed to you.
Can I bring family members or other companions on RTA vehicles using a single mobile device?
Yes. This is why the app allows you to ‘activate’ more than one ticket at the same time.

Please be sure to purchase, activate and display one ticket from your mobile device for each rider. You will be asked to show an active ticket for each rider in your party. When you have more than one active ticket you need to swipe left or right on the Active Tickets screen to show them all.

Will my mobile ticket work if I don’t have internet access (cellular or Wi-Fi)?
Yes, if you have already activated your ticket. You do not need to be online to display and use an activated ticket.

You do need to have internet access to purchase or activate tickets. It is a good idea to activate your ticket before you enter an area in which internet access may be poor, including the Tower City rotunda.

Can I use my fare if my phone is not functioning or is out of battery?
No. You must be able to show the Active Ticket screen to RTA personnel to use your ticket.
Are my tickets transferable/exchangeable?
No. Tickets cannot be transferred from one account to another. Nor can they be exchanged for tickets of another fare type or duration.
Is RTA responsible for any malfunctions of my mobile device?
No, RTA is not responsible for any malfunctions of your mobile device.
Is Mobile Ticketing supported on my cellular phone carrier?
The Mobile Ticketing app does not require any carrier-specific services.

Purchasing and activating tickets requires an internet connection (cellular or WiFi). Sign-on confirmation codes can be delivered by either SMS or phone call.

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