Simplified Fare Payment

Riding RTA is even easier with Proof of Payment Fare Collection. With an activated pass or farecard, you simply get on and go. The system speeds up the boarding process and eliminates backups.

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) are at stations along the Red Line and the HealthLine on Euclid Aveue. These machines allow you to:

  • Purchase a 1-Ride Farecard, a 2-Ride Farecard or an All-Day Pass.
  • Activate farecards and passes. Some stations are equipped with stand-alone validators.

Retain your farecard/pass while on the transit system. Your fare media must be swiped through faregate readers at the Tower City Center Station. RTA Fare Enforcement Officers will patrol the entire route to check that you have a valid farecard/ass. If you don't, you will be assessed a Violation Fare or face possible criminal prosecution, according to O.R.C. 2917.41, and City of Cleveland Ordinance 605.11.

Ticket Vending Machine

Purchase a 1-Ride Farecard, a 2-Ride Farecard or an All-Day Pass with exact change by inserting bills and/or coins into the machine. The TVM also accepts credit and debit cards.

The farecard/pass will already be activated. Hold onto the fare media, because RTA Fare Enforcement Officers will check to see that you have an active Farecard/Pass (Proof of Payment).

Ticket Activation

Certain Farecards/Passes must be activated prior to boarding the vehicle or entering a Red Line "fare paid zone" for your current trip. Use the TVM at the station to activate. Some stations are also equipped with stand-alone validators.

Here is a checklist of when and when not to activate the various types of RTA farecards/passes:

  • 1-Trip, 2-Trip, 5-Trip Farecards -- Activate with each trip
  • All-Day Pass -- Activate for initial use
  • 7-Day Flex Pass -- Activate for initial use
  • Monthly Pass (Current Month) -- Already activated
  • U-Pass -- Already activated

For More Information

  • Call the RTAnswerline, 216-621-9500.
  • See a staff member at RTA's Customer Service Center at the Tower City Station. Weekday hours are 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

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