Ohio City Connector

Serving Downtown Cleveland, via the Detroit-Superior Bridge and the W. 25 Corridor, and locations in:

  • Strongsville (51 MetroHealth Line - Pearl);
  • Parma and the Parma Transit Center (51A MetroHealth - State);
  • Broadview Heights and the MetroHealth Brecksville Health and Surgery Center (51B MetroHealth - Broadview);
  • Garfield Commons (51C MetroHealth - Broadview, Mon - Fri only).

Incorporates service formerly offered by route 20: W. 25 - State, route 35: W. 25 - Broadview and route 51 W. 25 - Pearl. The Downtown layover for all trips is at E 12 & Rockwell (weekdays) or Rockwell & E 3 (evenings & weekends).

The 51, 51A, 51B and 51C operate more than 200 bus trips per day and link the MetroHealth main campus with both Downtown Cleveland to the north and the neighborhoods and suburbs to the south.

MetroHealth has five health-care facilities along the route.


Bus/Rapid/BRT Senior/Disabled Student K-12
Cash Fares $2.50 $1.25 $1.75
5-Trip Fare Cards $12.50 $6.25 $8.75
Daily Passes $5.00 $2.50 $4.25
7-Day Passes $25.00 $12.50
Monthly Passes $95.00 $48.00

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