Effective: Apr 19, 2018 to Apr 22, 2019


RTA sincerely apologizes for the frustration that everyone is experiencing due to the fact that we still must use single-car trains on the Red Line. Every day we are working hard to replace the wheels as quickly and as safely as possible, but that doesn’t make the inconvenience of riding on a crowded train any easier.

By way of update, the wheels were removed from service because they were worn to a diameter that is below RTA and national rail industry standards. Because of the age of our 35-year-old rail fleet, the wheels were custom designed to our unique specifications, and that meant it took a significant amount of time for the wheels to be delivered to RTA.

It also meant that those wheels still require some retooling and customizing -- and that, unfortunately, results in another three to four months of RTA using single-car trains while repairs are made. It takes approximately two weeks to install the wheels on one rail car and get it ready to go back into service. RTA rail department staff are working diligently to mount these wheels properly to meet safety specs and to ensure the safety of passengers. RTA is dedicating extra staff to work exclusively on wheel replacements.

We are scheduling two-car trains as much as possible for use during rush hour. But it is unavoidable that you may continue to ride on single-car trains which remain in use at various times throughout the day. It’s also unavoidable, due to the age of our rail fleet, that unrelated mechanical issues add to the list of repairs that must be made.

The only way to avoid using single-car trains, and to use exclusively two-car trains during rush hour, is to run the trains less frequently. But that means trains would run every 20 minutes, instead of every 10, and we know that customers don’t appreciate service that is less frequent.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration of riding on crowded trains. We know we have failed to meet your expectations. We are grateful that you continue to choose RTA for your daily commute and to get to appointments and destinations that matter.  We want to be your mode of choice, and we work hard to make that happen every day.




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