Effective: Mar 1, 2015 to Mar 6, 2017


Effective Sunday, March 1, 2015, due to the redesign of Public Square, the #77F and #90F will be rerouted as follows:

#77F: Brecksville
#90F: Broadway - Libby
Northbound: Regular route to Ontario St and Euclid Ave, right on Euclid Ave, left on East Roadway, left on Rockwell Ave, right on Ontario St returning to regular route.
Southbound: Regular route to Ontario St and Rockwell Ave, right on Rockwell Ave, left on West Roadway to Euclid Ave, right on Ontario St returning to regular route.

Note: Northbound buses will continue using Ontario Street across Public Square until the road is actually closed, but will not stop between Euclid and Rockwell.

New stop added to service
Stop still in service
Stop no longer in service

RTA regrets any inconvenience to its customers during this time.

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