Effective: Jun 3, 2018 to Aug 18, 2018


#41-41F: Warrensville, service to Glenwillow

  • Weekday trips will end at Diamond Parkway
  • Weekend trips will end at Emerald Valley Parkway
  • See updated timetable for specific information

#51-A-B: MetroHealth Line, overnight trips

  • Overnight trips southbound will now travel on Broadview Road via #51B to the W. 33rd Loop
  • Overnight trips northbound will now travel on State Road via the #51A from the W. 33rd Loop
  • See updated timetable for specific information

Extension to Rockwell and E 3

  • The following bus routes will be extended to serve Rockwell and E 3:
    • #22
    • #26
    • #45
    • #51-A-B-C MetroHealth Line
    • #79-79A



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