Effective: Jan 25, 2018


Red Line customers may notice that single-car trains are being used throughout the day, resulting in some customers standing during their commute on crowded cars. 

Customer safety is RTA's first priority. So, while it may not convenient to ride on crowded trains, RTA has chosen customer safety over the inconvenience of standing. 

When rail wheels are worn to a diameter that is below RTA and national rail industry standards, the wheels must be removed from service. Over the past several weeks, some wheels on Red Line cars have gotten to that point and have been taken out of service. We have begun the process to replace wheels on these cars. 

Please know that standing while riding is a common occurrence on trains and buses, both in Cleveland and in most major transit systems around the world. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We expect to start increasing the number of two-car trains beginning in February. Please allow additional travel time during this period, as boarding times may be increased.


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