This facility is ADA accessible
Bike racks available
Fare vending machines available
The West 25th Street Rapid Station
2350 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113

This station is at the intersection of West 24th Street, Abbey Avenue and Lorain Avenue.

The station is on the south side of Lorain Avenue, across the street from the historic West Side Market -- a Cleveland landmark.

What's Nearby

West Side Market

Townhall Ohio City


The station is the first one to be located west of the Cuyahoga River. The Red Line is the only rapid transit line to serve Cleveland on both the east and west sides of the Cuyahoga River.

Elevator/Escalator Status

Elevator West 25th Rapid Station Elevator
(As of Aug 17, 2014 - 10:30am)
5/6 @ W 25TH ELV- OUT OF SERVICE KONE SERVICING THE ELV 4/17 SECTION OF THE LOWER LEVEL DOOR IS MISSING. THE CAR IS STILL MOVING LEAVING A HAZARDOUS OPENING FOR ENTRY INTO THE ELEVATOR SHAFT. KONE WAS NOTIFIED. 1/29 @ 11:15- KONE NOTIFIED THEY ARE WORKING ON THE ELV FOR FEW HRS- OUT OF SERVICE 12/11@ 11:44 AM elv doors not opening at bottom level- KONE COULD NOT DUPLICATE SQUAWK. 10/16@09:00 elv stuck on 2nd floor ELEVATOR NOT RESPONDING. NOTIFIED KONE 10/9@9:15- CONTRACTOR PERFORMNG MX ON THE FLOOR 9/10@06:45- hydraulic oil reported at the entrance to the elevator at platform level. (Kone-8561802/ citme-1167793) 8/27@12:30 PM- W 25TH ELV BROKEN- DOORS OPEN AND CLOSE BUT ELV DOES NOT GO UP OR DOWN. KONE REF #8543841/CITME 1161590 8/20@12:30 pm The ELV DOOR FELL OFF 7/12@13:00-W 25th elv is acting funny- not responding to button upstairs- (intermittent). Doors not opening all the way upper and lower levels. 7/10@11:00 - TP ADVISED THAT PEOPLE ARE STUCK IN ELV. KONE REF # 8476360. 7/7/13 doors openm - upper level 7/2@08:49 - kone made clutch adjustment and returned to service. 7/2@06:30- W 25th- elv will not not LET YOU OUT. West 25th Rapid Station Elevator

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