This facility is ADA accessible
Fare vending machines available
Public restrooms available
The Louis Stokes Station at Windermere
14232 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland, OH 44112

The Louis Stokes Station at Windermere is often referred to as "Stokes/Windermere" or just "Windermere." It is named for Congressman Louis Stokes, who served this area with dedication for many years.

This station is located on the north side of Euclid Avenue, between Bryn Mawr and Doan roads. It is adjacent to RTA's Hayden bus garage.

Food service is available inside the station, from the Courts of Praise cafe. Hours are 4 a.m.-11 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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Elevator/Escalator Status

Elevator North Elevator
(As of Oct 01, 2014 - 5:45pm)
10/1/2014 ELEVATOR DOWN. DOORS OPEN 4/17/14 at lower level - door open assigned to KONE 4/7/14 entrapment - 1 no medical attention needed. KONE notified 3/5 09:24 - PER KONE IN SEVRICE 5/8 eLEVATOR DOWN - NOTIFIED kone. 3/5 @ 07:38 AM - TECH REPLACED CONTROL SYS. AND DRIVE CHAIN. ADDITIONAL PARTS ON ORDER 3/1 @ 23:45 WINDERMERE RTS ELEVATOR- FAST SPEED DOOR OUT OF THE TRACK- NEED 2 PEOPLE TO FIX PER KONE TECH ENTRAPMENT - KONE NOTIFIED
Escalator North Escalator
(As of Sep 15, 2014 - 11:00am)
As per KONE, to remain down for parts.

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