Bus Driver Guides a Child to Safety

Operator Wilson Walker II demonstrated exceptional kindness and compassion by assisting a young child in need and subsequently received the GCRTA Champion of Safety Award for his exemplary actions.

 Bus Driver Guides a Child to Safety

Feb 23, 2024

On Thursday, January 25, 2024, Operator Wilson Walker II, demonstrated exceptional kindness and compassion, while performing his job duties by assisting a young child. Wilson observed a young woman standing alone, drenched and without a coat asking for food. Recognizing her immediate need, Walker took it upon himself to assist the young woman. 

He purchased food for the young woman and out of genuine concern, asked if she wanted to go to the women's shelter downtown. The young woman accepted Walker’s help and proceeded to board the bus. As the young woman boarded the bus, Walker continued to engage in conversation to better understand her situation to help her. 

During this interaction, he learned that the young woman was a minor. After this realization, Walker took immediate action and promptly contacted the GCRTA Service Quality Supervisor and the GCRTA Transit Police to ensure the safety and proper care of the young child. For this remarkable act, Wilson Walker was given the GCRTA Champion of Safety Award.

This award is given to an employee who is recognized for identifying a safety hazard, assisting in the resolution and mitigation of a safety hazard, an employee that assists in incident investigations that aren't a part of everyday activities, or participating in the overall safety effort to reduce collisions, incidents, and injuries. This incident highlights the role that operators play in being frontline responders and connecting the community.