Transit Police

Mission Statement

  • To provide a safe and orderly environment within RTA.
  • To promote the confidence of the riding public
  • To enhance the use of the entire system
  • To protect life and property through the prevention of crime and terrorism.
  • To work in collaboration within RTA and with regional partners to respond and recover from man-made and natural disasters.

Letter from Chief of Police John P. Joyce

Welcome to the RTA Transit Police Web page. We are the second largest law enforcement unit in Cuyahoga County and the sixth largest in Ohio.

We are a full-service agency with a 24-hour commitment of people and resources to cover the RTA service area with Patrol, Investigative and Administrative and Staff Services.

We are available at all times via our emergency phone number: 216-566-5163. We are proud of our people and their commitment to excellence in law enforcement. This Web page is another method to spread the good word about who we are and what we do.

RTA is a safe way to travel, and with your help, we can make it even safer.

This department was formed to serve and protect the more than 50 million passengers who ride the system each year.. The organization and operation of the department are similar to that of all local police agencies.

Transit Police respond to and investigate all crimes directly related to RTA or occurring on RTA property, including the buses, trains, facilities and right-of-ways.

Most officers are assigned to the 24-hour Uniformed Patrol Division. Uniformed officers ride the buses and trains, patrol routes, and use police cars for quick response to emergency situations.

Undercover officers ride the buses and trains, survey the parking lots, and monitor specific crime problems.

The Detective Bureau handlles the follow-up investigation of serious offenses.

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Contact info

Transit Police
1240 West 6th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1877
216-566-5163, emergency number, 24/7

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