The following sustainability statement and environmental commitments were developed to evolve best practices on sustainability at the GCRTA:

GCRTA is committed to protecting the environment, as it provides public transit services to Northeast Ohio. We will provide sound business practices that integrate sustainable principles throughout every level of operation to create a healthier and livable environment for our customers and the community we serve. We will strive to provide the following environmental commitments:

  • Communicate and advance the use of environmental practices throughout GCRTA.
  • Make environmental concerns an integral part of our planning and decision-making processes and implement effective environmental programs.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiencies throughout its transit operations and facilities.
  • Prevent pollution and conserve resources by reducing waste, creating better disposal options, recycling and procure new and better products and technologies.
  • Educate the community and our customers on the environmental benefits of public transit, and encourage biking, walking, carpooling and van pooling.
  • Provide quality sustainable public spaces and amenities around our transit stations and bus shelters to promote walking and bicycle accessibility for link trip options.
  • Encourage the use of transit as a viable, environmentally friendly, sustainable commuting choice.
  • Incorporate sustainability and green building principles throughout the planning, design, construction and operations of our facilities.
  • Continue to explore and implement renewable energy solutions to reduce energy consumptions at our facilities.
  • Adhere to all state and federal EPA regulations, standards and monitoring methods regarding environmental quality.

This policy applies to all employees, departments and facilities throughout the Authority. Participation of everyone is required in order to meet the commitments set forth in this policy.

Adopted: Sept. 21, 2010, Board Resolution 2010-067

Jan. 27, 2017, APTA recognizes RTA for sustainability achievements