Bus Driver Rescues Family in Car Crash

An Incredible Act of Courage

 Bus Driver Rescues Family in Car Crash

Jun 28, 2023

On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, an emergency occurred at the eastbound bus stop on Harvard and E.150th Street. An unsuspecting car, traveling eastbound, passed the bus that Shaquille King was driving and was then stopped at the bus stop. Moments later, a truck entered the intersection from E. 150th Street and collided with the car. The impact of the crash caused the car's airbag to deploy, injuring the female driver. In addition to the deployed airbags, the car began to roll backward, crashing into the bike rack of the bus.

This was a very dangerous scene that could have easily led to fatalities. However, in the face of danger, King didn't hesitate. He quickly exited the coach and went straight to the aid of the injured female driver. He carefully helped the woman onto the tree lawn to ensure she was safe from further harm. But Shaquille's efforts did not end there. While checking on the injured female driver, he realized that small children were still inside the car. However, the doors wouldn't open, which could mean that the children were in danger. Shaquille knew that every second mattered, and he had to act quickly. With urgency, Shaquille mustered all the courage and determination he could to enter the car through the driver's door, where the airbag had been deployed. King climbed into the back seat, rescued the children one by one, and took them to a safe distance.

Shaquille King is a hero, whose bravery and commitment to ensuring the safety of others went above and beyond the call of duty. Amid an accident that could have claimed many lives, Shaquille King's selflessness and quick thinking saved a family. For his exemplary actions, Shaquille King received a Champions of Safety Award. The Champions of Safety Award is a recognition presented to employees who have displayed exemplary conduct, such as identifying safety issues, offering solutions, aiding investigations, and participating in efforts to decrease the likelihood of collisions, accidents, and injuries.