Cathy Eaton, 38 years of RTA

Jan 10, 2019

Catherine Eaton's journey from bus operator to district director

1. Catherine Eaton was born in the south, Uniontown, Alabama and was raised by her grandmother.
2. Cathy moved to Cleveland.
3. Cathy began her career at RTA in August of 1980 as a Bus Operator for six years, during that time she was a fill-in Dispatcher at the Woodhill District.
4. Because of her knowledge of the Operator's payroll process at the district, she was asked to work in the Finance and Administration Division’s, Accounting/Payroll department as a Payroll Clerk.
5. Cathy has been a part of every implementation process for the RTA payroll upgrade starting with Snoopy, Legacy, People-soft, Kronos and the Operator's current payroll system Hastus.
6. For two years, she worked in Information system as a Computer Operator.
7. Cathy took advantage of the Tuition Reimbursement Program and competed her Bachelors of Arts at Notre Dame College of Ohio.
8. Cathy continued her upward journey at the RTA for three years as a Service Quality Coordinator.
9. Then her dream job, the Hayden District Transportation Manager. Cathy felt the Authority was acknowledging all of her work, time and skills she dedicated to the RTA. Cathy was the first Transportation Manager to have the responsibility of more than 500 Bus Operators at the Authority, and the Hayden District housed both Diesel and CNG coaches, as well as, every fleet type that the Authority owned.
10. In 2008, Cathy had the pleasure of implementing the BRT, known today as the Healthline. The first of its kind, this 60 ft., coach docks in the middle of the street picking up, and discharging customers. 
11. May of 2013, Cathy was promoted to District Director of the Triskett District.  She is responsible for the delivery of service for the entire west side of Cleveland, surrounding suburbs, and downtown areas.
12. Cathy implemented two 60 routes and is responsible for maintaining two 40 ft. specialty routes. (Trolley service and the Metro Health service).
13. Cathy has been employed with RTA, “an outstanding public transportation company,” for 38 years.

a. Cathy Eaton is wholeheartedly thankful to God and RTA for allowing her to have a wonderful career path on to her retirement scheduled on November 30, 2018.