May 21, 2019

Congratulations to RTA's Transit Police! They are the winners of the 2019 APTA Gold Award for Bus Security. Their efforts to train RTA employees to recognize and respond properly to an active shooter incident help keep RTA employees and customers safe. Transit Police, along with many internal and external stakeholders, organized a joint Bus/Rail full-scale exercise in October 2017 to determine RTA employee response to an active shooter incident on RTA property. In 2018, Transit Police followed up the exercise with a goal to train all RTA employees so they may have the tools and knowledge should an incident occur during work hours. In addition, Transit Police intends to stage mini-exercises in 2019 to again cover response to active shooter incidents. 

This is the second APTA Gold Award for RTA in as many years. RTA was awarded the 2018 APTA Gold Award for Bus Safety, which focused on our use of data to understand emerging risk in order to prevent incidents/accidents before they occur.

Congratulations again to our Transit Police Department, and all of RTA for continuing to keep the Greater Cleveland area safe each and every day.