GCRTA Guardian Angel Assists in Traffic Accident

Jan 21, 2021

On Monday, January 12, Operator Semira was driving her Cleveland State Line bus westbound on Route 2 when she witnessed a motor vehicle accident.  The vehicle was overturned and the driver was trapped inside with his arm extended out of the window. Operator Semira immediately pulled her bus over to assist the motorist. She called GCRTA's Control Center to alert them of the situation and stated that she would stay with the motorist until help arrived.

Service Quality and Transit Police Dispatch contacted Cleveland Police and EMS and assured the Operator that they were en route to the accident scene. Service Quality Supervisor, Michelle, was nearby and arrived on scene to assist with authorities. The driver and passenger of the car were both intoxicated; however, were able to exit the vehicle and speak with authorities. They are both okay.

We are proud to have heroes like Operator Semira and Supervisor Michelle who work for GCRTA. Without them, this situation could've turned out much worse than it did.

Thank you for your hard work! #HeroesWorkHere