Hunter, Former K-9 with Transit Police, Passes Away

by Jacob Chabowski

Feb 1, 2021

Hunter, a former Transit Police K-9 for GCRTA, passed away in early January after a brief illness.

“He will be missed,” his handler, Sgt. Farr, said.

Hunter retired three years ago after serving with Transit Police for over six years. Hunter, like his K-9 partners, spent his time patrolling GCRTA facilities, vehicles, and trains. He searched unattended bags for possible explosives, served as a visible deterrent to potential perpetrators, and offered friendly greetings to passengers, staff, and passers-by.

Sgt. Farr first met Hunter at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas back in August of 2011.

“I spent 10 weeks there training with Hunter where we both learned the craft of Explosive Odor Detection,” he said. “We returned to Cleveland and together served the GCRTA community.”

Sgt. Farr says Hunter was popular with everyone who saw him.

“Hunter is a German Short Hair Pointer (GSP) and everywhere we went for the next six years we were asked what type of dog he was.”

The breed is often used as a bird dog for hunters, but German Short Hair Pointers are also well-suited to serve as working dogs which is why they are sometimes used in law enforcement.

“His work ethic was great and his ability to find the presence of explosive odor was amazing,” Sgt. Farr said. “He worked hard even on his off time and he was happiest retrieving a ball.”

In addition to their normal patrol duties for GCRTA, the duo also had numerous high-profile assignments. These included presidential inaugurations in Washington, D.C., protecting high-profile dignitaries visiting Northeast Ohio, and working at Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas. Hunter and Sgt. Farr also provided assistance to numerous communities in the region.

“He was a loyal partner to me on the job, and a faithful companion to my family and me in his retirement.”