Microtransit: An Alternative to the Work Commute

Greater Cleveland RTA's Innovative Workforce Connector Program with SHARE Mobility

 Microtransit: An Alternative to the Work Commute

Jul 28, 2023

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) recently unveiled an extraordinary initiative, the Workforce Connector Program in partnership with SHARE Mobility, designed to create flexible, affordable, and sustainable transportation. This program is a first-mile, last-mile initiative that is a part of the microtransit service that connects people from public transportation to the front door of their workplace. The pilot of the program Connectworks started in Solon and operates from the GCRTA Southgate Transit Center to Maple Heights. The program has since expanded to Brookpark Rapid Station to Aerozone Alliance employees.

The Need for Improved Work Commute Solutions

Many people spend a significant amount of time commuting to and from work each day, often using public transportation to reach their destinations. However, the last mile from the transportation stop to their workplace can often be the most difficult part of the journey. Recognizing this challenge, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) has partnered with SHARE Mobility to offer a microtransit solution that streamlines the commute process for workers. This partnership aims to improve the overall commute experience by providing a convenient and reliable solution that bridges the equity gap in public transportation. By offering this microtransit solution, workers can avoid the stress and inconvenience of navigating the last mile of their journey.

What is MicroTransit and How Does it Work?

Microtransit is a transportation service that provides personalized rides by operating small-scale, on-demand public transit services. These services can offer both fixed routes and schedules, as well as flexible routes with on-demand scheduling options. The microtransit service offered by GCRTA and SHARE Mobility connects people from bus stations and train stations to the front door of their workplace. The service operates in real-time, meaning riders can book a ride and be picked up within minutes. Employees sign up for the service through their employers. Select employers will choose to participate in the program and enroll their employees into the service.

Once enrolled, SHARE Mobility will notify employers of an app and teach employers how the program works. After initial set-up of the program, employees book their rides through SHARE Mobility which will accommodate their work schedules. The collaboration between GCRTA and SHARE Mobility does not only focus on addressing transportation concerns but bridges the equity gap. With the introduction of this program, employees will experience reduced commute times, lower transportation expenses, increased flexibility in scheduling, and increases in the overall workforce.


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