Jul 12, 2019

You could say Nick Krehel Jr. was born into his position at RTA. He’s a third generation RTA employee, his grandfather was a rail operator, his father was a dispatcher at Paratransit, his brother Justin is an Equipment Servicer, and Nick works as an Equipment Repair Leader.

Nick enjoys doing his daily job and being able to help other mechanics, and especially enjoys the fact that he can carpool with his brother to work. There’s so much history at RTA, and Nick has a library of stories he’s collected from his family. He loves hearing about the past and the way the city has grown over the years. RTA has been a huge part of that success.

He takes pride in the satisfaction of seeing buses on the road knowing he had a key role in keeping them running safely for customers. Nick is always willing to lend a helping hand to any mechanic in need and is always eager to learn more.  He’s hoping to advance his career at RTA and become an Equipment Supervisor one day. When he isn’t fixing vehicles at RTA, Nick enjoys spending his time riding his motorcycle through the Metroparks or getting tattoos.