Aug 22, 2019

RTA is investing in a well-rounded experience for all riders, with all vehicles in its fleet offering free WiFi to riders.

While actively making strides to close the digital divide, RTA is working to bridge the gap for homes and neighborhoods that have limited to no access to technology via the internet. So with an AT&T contract investment of $2 million for 5 years for a complete cellular and Wi-Fi communications upgrade overhaul, RTA is becoming a solution and an advocate for education and educational success.

This communications upgrade will improve connectivity to the buses and trains providing more accurate real-time information, an improved customer experience, and better communication with our safety forces.

In 2018, statistics showed that nearly one in five teens were unable to complete their homework because they lacked access to a computer or internet in their home, thus leading to incomplete assignments and potentially to lower grades.

We are able to help students overcome barriers to technology, be confident in the classroom, and giving the next generation of students their best shot at a great future.

There are many reasons why this initiative is important and we are happy to provide our customers this new access to Wi-Fi. All you have to do is accept the terms to joining the network and you’re in. Just watch for the network name R-T-A-C-L-E in September and happy riding.