Aug 19, 2019

RTA’s Transit Police department handles calls for service and other emergencies just like every other police department in Ohio. Our 140 sworn officers pledge to keep not only RTA’s staff and riders, but everyone in Greater Cleveland safe every day. This past July, Officer Greg Theiss was on his break when someone approached him about a man about to jump off a bridge. Officer Theiss responded quickly to the bridge at W. 140-Lorain, which is just above our rapid tracks by the West Park Rapid Transit Station. Officer Theiss saw the male on top of the fence preparing to jump to the tracks below. He approached the man and spoke with him calmly, all while the man was erratic and yelling that he wanted to kill himself by jumping off the bridge. Soon enough, a Red Line train started heading towards the bridge they were standing on. While negotiating with the man, Officer Theiss took a brief opportunity of diversion to grab the man and pull him off the bridge. Once the man was safely off the bridge, Cleveland Police, EMS and others arrived on the scene. EMS took the man to the hospital for further evaluation. Because of his heroic efforts to save this man’s life, Officer Theiss has been recognized as RTA’s July Support Employee of the Month. Additionally, Chief Joyce has recommended him for a Champion of Safety award through RTA’s Executive Safety Committee for his response to the situation. We commend Officer Theiss and all of Transit Police for the incredible work they do each and every day!