The Pathway of Career Growth

Joseph Sopko, Triskett Assistant Transportation Manager, has a diverse background in the transportation industry.

 The Pathway of Career Growth

Jan 12, 2024

Early Beginnings

Before joining GCRTA, Joseph Sopko gained experience in the transportation industry while working in the for-profit sector of the port trucking industry. He worked for a company called Bridge Terminal Transport Services (BTT), which is now under XPO Logistics.

Initially starting as a Safety Specialist, he rose to the position of Assistant Fleet Manager in 2007. In this role, Sopko managed truck dispatches from the port of Oakland, California, serving as a subsidiary of the Danish shipping and logistics company called Maersk. Sopko worked at BTT from 2006 through 2011 then came back home to Cleveland, OH to work at GCRTA.

Career Journey at GCRTA

In 2011, Joseph began his career at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) as a Risk Analyst II in the Risk Management Department. Joseph states that during this role, he gained more experience developing his analytical skills. While in this role, he learned how to look at issues based on data and a statistical analysis.

During this time, he was also able to combine his previous experience at BTT with his interactions with bus operators, which enabled him to get a position as a Business Analyst. As such, he gathered reports for routes, ridership, and trips.

As time went on, Joseph was able to go further into his Business Analyst role, which gave him another opportunity that landed him his current role as an Assistant Transportation Manager. In his current role, a part of his job is to train new business analysts, guide new bus operators, and help with the new bus operator mentorship program called the Positive Impact Program.