Tower City Station Track Upgrades

Dec 28, 2020

Track Upgrades at the station will allow riders to have a safer and smoother ride through the station.

Beginning on Monday, December 28, 2020 and continuing through approximately spring 2021, Red Line riders at Tower City station will need to board/exit the train in a different location.

A complete track reconstruction is being done on Track 13 - the eastbound track through Tower City. This is part of maintaining a state of good repair (SOGR) for all GCRTA assets. This track serves Red, Blue, Green and Waterfront Line trains. During this construction project, however, only Red Line riders will be affected.

The construction project will include the following track upgrades:

  • Installation of approximately 800 linear feet of new Low Vibration Track (LVT), which are concrete blocks embedded in a concrete slab with vibration reducing rubber around the blocks
  • Installation of approximately 950 linear feet of new timber tie sections of track
  • Installation of 3,500 linear feet of new 115# rail
  • New insulated joints at signal locations throughout Track 13
  • Renewal of the ADA tactile panels on the light rail and heavy rail boarding areas

Here are some key takeaways for riders:

  • Riders wishing to travel EASTBOUND (to Windermere) on the Red Line will now board the train on the current westbound platform.
  • Riders wishing to travel WESTBOUND (to Airport) on the Red Line will no board the train on Track 7, the auxiliary platform.
  • Blue and Green Line riders are unaffected during this construction. All Blue and Green Line trains will continue to use the center track on the Light Rail platform.
  • Waterfront Line remains suspended during this time.

Track 7 can be accessed from Level 2 of Tower City Center. The stairwell and elevator are located between the old Victoria's Secret and Dario's Fashion Group.

These upgrades will ensure longevity of our current rail fleet and enable the new rail fleet to have a smoother transition. This is an additional preparation for the new rail cars. Once this track work is completed, riders will enjoy better service reliability and a smoother ride through Tower City station. We appreciate your patience during this project and thank you for continuing to ride RTA!