Nov 27, 2018

Our staff gets a lot of questions during the winter months regarding service. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions to help you plan for the cold weather:

Why don’t you adjust the schedule when there’s snow?

RTA bus and rail schedules are built to maximize the usage of operators and vehicles. While there is some wiggle room in the schedule, we are still subject to traffic and weather delays. RTA buses are dealing with the same road conditions as you would in a private vehicle. The best advice is to allow plenty of additional travel time to reach your destination when winter weather hits.

Why don’t you shovel bus stops?

RTA is responsible for shoveling/plowing/salting our facilities and properties, such as rapid stations, HealthLine stations, Park-N-Ride lots, and transit centers. This does not include bus stops. With over 6,000 bus stops throughout Cuyahoga County, we would be unable to effectively provide this service on a daily basis. Your local municipality should be contacted about snow removal and shoveling out bus stops and sidewalks along the road.

Why are there reroutes when it’s snowy?

Reroutes sometimes occur during bad weather due to unsafe road conditions. Our bus coordinators work with the operators to provide updates on routes and road conditions 24/7. Unplanned weather related reroutes can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Safety is our number one priority.

Where do I get information on my bus when weather is bad?

Pre-planned reroutes or long term reroute information is available in a few locations.

  • Social Media- Follow RTA on Twitter @GCRTA and on facebook at Planned shutdowns and emergency information is often posted on social media.
  • Service alerts and Crisis alerts are available on the RTA website. Click on for a full listing of planned reroutes and shutdowns.
  • Transitapp- Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Subscribe to your frequent routes and enable push notifications. Reroute information is available in the app. You can also track your route on their map.