Leo Serrano was sworn in to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) in 2006. He is a representative of the City of Cleveland.

He says the RTA Board is "an opportunity to serve."

"RTA is so fundamental, it affects everyone's lives in Cleveland. If RTA were to shut down – even for a day – some businesses could not open because their employees could not get to work."

A leader in the Hispanic community

  • Twice served as Executive Director of the Spanish American Committee, a multi-service center assisting Cleveland’s growing Hispanic community.


  • Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Advancement for the Cleveland Municipal School District, where he reports to CEO Eric S. Gordon. Develops and strengthens philanthropic relationships with corporations, foundations and individuals to support Cleveland Schools.


Updated March 31, 2020

Contact info

Board of Trustees
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
1240 W. Sixth St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
216-356-3120, e-mail

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