EngageRTA - Participating in Community Events

If you are sponsoring a community festival, parade, or health and information fair, GCRTA would like to be a vendor. We have valuable information to share with your patrons. Please keep us in mind when you plan your event. This will give GCRTA the opportunity to interact with the community, showcase its services and programs, and distribute promotional materials.

GCRTA will only consider event, vehicle, and presentation requests that are submitted at least forty-five business days in advance. A confirmation email will be sent after your request is submitted. If you do not receive a response within one week, please contact Engagerta@gcrta.org

GCRTA reserves the right to determine what events in which it participates based on the following parameters:

  • Relevance to GCRTA's Mission, Vision, and Values;
  • Availability of resources; and
  • Timing and location (GCRTA attends events within GCRTA's service area).

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