Committee Meetings and Tax Budget Public Hearing

Tue, Jul 12 2022, 9 - 11am


1240 West 6th St
Cleveland, OH 44113

The RTA Board of Trustees held committee meetings today.  All agenda items were moved to the full Board for approval. 

Public Hearing - 2023 Tax Budget

There was a Public Hearing on the Proposed 2023 Tax Budget.  A copy of the Proposed 2023 Tax Budget is attached and on file in the Office of Management and Budget of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, 4th Floor, 1240 West Sixth St., Cleveland, OH, and available for public inspection on RTA’s Facebook page and Twitter page.

Public comments for the Public Hearing were received in person, submitted by email at ( and phone at 440-276-4600.  

Media Contact:

Robert Fleig
216-356-3016, office
216-501-0242, cell