Triskett Rapid Station

 Triskett Rapid Station
ADA accessible
bike rack
Bike racks available
fare machine
Fare vending machines available
Public restrooms available
Wifi available

13405 Lakewood Heights Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44111
United States

This station serves Lakewood and Cleveland's West Park neighborhood. There are entrances on both Triskett Avenue and on Lakewood Heights Boulevard, near RTA's Triskett bus garage.

The station, close to the I-90 exit for Bunts Avenue-West 140th Street, is a popular destination for I-90 commuters heading downtown.

From this station, Hopkins International Airport and downtown Cleveland are each about 15 minutes away.


In 1958, the original station opened.

On Nov. 8, 2000, RTA dedicated an $8.4 million reconstruction of this station.

Elevator/Escalator Status

Location Status
Elevator Bus loop side Working
Elevator Platform Working
Escalator Bus loop side Working
Escalator Platform Working

Routes Serving This Rapid Station