An RTA proof-of-payment machine

Cash Fares
Bus/Rapid/BRT $2.50
Senior/Disabled $1.25
Park-N-Ride Bus $2.75
Student K-12 $1.75
Out-of-County $3.75
Paratransit $2.75

One- and two-trip farecards are available at the above listed prices (2x the above listed prices for a two-trip card) for the following fares: Bus/Rapid, Senior/Disabled, Park-N-Ride (one-trip only), and Paratransit (one-trip only)

5-Trip Fare Cards
Bus/Rapid/BRT $12.50
Senior/Disabled $6.25
Park-N-Ride Bus $13.75
Student K-12 $8.75
Paratransit $13.75

A pre-printed 5-trip card is valid until the expiration date on the card, regardless of when the trips are used. A CSK-issued 5-trip card is good for six months from the date of purchase.

Monthly Passes
Bus/Rapid/BRT $95.00
Senior/Disabled $48.00
Park-N-Ride Bus $105.00
Paratransit $110.00

7-Day Passes
Bus/Rapid/BRT $25.00
Senior/Disabled $12.50
Park-N-Ride Bus $27.50
Paratransit $30.00

Daily Passes
Bus/Rapid/BRT $5.00
Senior/Disabled $2.50
Accompanied Children (ages 6-12) $2.50
Student K-12 $4.25
1-Day Cleveland Pass $5.00
2-Day Cleveland Pass $10.00
4-Day Cleveland Pass $20.00
Paratransit $7.00

* Unlimited rides until 3 a.m. the next day. (A 4-Day Pass used for the first time on Monday expires at 3 a.m. on Friday.) Cleveland Passes were designed for tourists, but anyone can buy them on-line.      

Other Important Information

  • CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS can be used in ticket vending machines and kiosks at Red Line stations, HealthLine stations and the Customer Service Center at Tower City. On the bus, there are cash purchases only.
  • All Senior/Disabled cash fares, farecards and passes require passenger to show valid RTA Senior or Disabled ID (both of which include a photo), or a Medicare card, as well as a driver's license or other official photo ID.
  • All-Day Passes are available for purchase on all RTA vehicles at the farebox, ticket vending machines, and at retail agents.
  • Child fares apply to children age 6-12, when accompanied by a fare-paying adult. Children under age 6 ride free. In either case, a limit of three children per fare-paying adult applies.
  • Effective Aug. 14, 2016, ADA-certified Paratransit passengers must pay senior/disabled fare on fixed-route service.
  • Student farecards are for grades K-12.

Plan a Trip

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Important news for Paratransit customers

Effective January 1, 2018, Paratransit only accepts the following Fare Media.

  • Paratransit 1-Trip Cards
  • Paratransit  5-Trip Cards
  • Paratransit All-Day Passes
  • Paratransit 7-Day Passes
  • Paratransit Monthly Passes
  • U-Passes
  • All GCRTA Free Ride Tickets 

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