Fraud Hotline

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority does not tolerate fraud, waste, abuse, theft, or ethical violations. If you are aware of any such activity occurring against or within the GCRTA, fill out the form below or call the 24/7 Fraud Hotline at 216-350-5130.

  • Fraud: a deliberate attempt to deceive GCRTA for unfair or unlawful personal gain.
  • Waste: loss or misuse of GCRTA resources due to deficient practices, controls, or decisions.
  • Abuse: misuse of rank, position, or authority that causes the loss or misuse of GCRTA resources.
  • Ethical Violation: Biased public expenditures or conflict of interest; soliciting or accepting goods or services based on position or authority. Any violation of the Ohio Ethics Law or any violation of the GCRTA Code of Ethics.
  • Theft: Taking something from GCRTA without permission.

To file commendations, suggestions, or complaints with RTA please use the Customer Feedback Form.

In the box below, provide details about the issue you are aware of. If your report is more than 5,000 characters, submit the detailed report in a word document upload. If you have multiple attachments, put them all in a zip file. Include the following information: Who is involved, what was committed, where it occurred, and in what time frame the actions occurred. Include as much detail as possible.

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