Aug 2, 2022

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) is Riding in the 52nd Annual Puerto Rican Parade of Greater Cleveland

GCRTA employees and family members will be riding aboard an RTA bus and Transit Police vehicle during the 52nd Annual Puerto Rican Parade of Greater Cleveland on Sunday, August 7, 2022.

The parade kicks-off at 11:00 AM at the corner of Fulton Rd. and Trowbridge Ave., proceeds northbound on Fulton Rd. to Seymour Ave., and enters Roberto Clemente Park. GCRTA employees will be actively participating in the parade waving flags and passing out candy to parade watchers.

“The Puerto Rican Parade & Festival is an excellent way of bringing together the city’s residents to experience the unique heritage of one of Cleveland’s diverse cultures, said GCRTA Board Member Terry Joyce, Chair of the External & Stakeholder Relations & Advocacy Committee. “It brings a vigorous history of cultural awareness, pride and education.”

“The Puerto Rican Parade & Festival provides a great opportunity to educate the community about Puerto Rican culture,” said GCTRA Board Member Luz Pellot. “The two-day festival is full of Latin music, art, dancing, activities and incredible food for all to enjoy.”

“At GCRTA we seek to promote and support diversity and inclusion, across all areas of our agency and within the communities we serve,” said GCRTA General Manager, Chief Executive Officer India Birdsong. “Our employees are encouraged to take part and celebrate in the numerous cultural events that occur throughout the year. I’m excited we are a part of the annual Puerto Rican Parade of Greater Cleveland.”

After the parade, you can continue to celebrate the cultural traditions of the Latino community inside Roberto Clemente Park until it ends at 9:00 PM.