Feb 24, 2022

GCRTA will receive $20.3 million as part of the first portion of money being released by the federal government for public transit agencies across Ohio from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Over the next five years, Ohio is supposed to get $1.3 billion of guaranteed funding from the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Ohio urban and rural transit providers will get $260 million in the 2022 fiscal year, with the $73.5 million available immediately and the rest coming later this year, according to U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.

“GCRTA is very appreciative of Senator Brown’s support for public transportation, his efforts in getting this bipartisan infrastructure investment and jobs act passed, and the funding secured from this act for GCRTA and other Ohio transit agencies,” says GCRTA General Manager, Chief Executive Officer India Birdsong. “This funding will assist us in strengthening our transportation network and associated infrastructure.  Simply put, support of our transportation infrastructure equates to investment in our local economy,” added Birdsong.

A statement from Brown called the money “the beginning of the largest investment in Ohio’s public transportation ever.” “We’re delivering by making major investments that will create good-paying American jobs that cannot be shipped overseas, and that will help Ohio localities of all sizes all over the state thrive and grow,” Brown’s statement continued.