Aug. 17, 2017: RTA brands "Museum Stops" in University Circle

 Aug. 17, 2017: RTA brands "Museum Stops" in University Circle

Aug 16, 2017

CLEVELAND -- The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is branding two HealthLine Stations near the museums in University Circle.

Colorful artwork and depictions of area museums are included in the new designs that embellish the stations.

“RTA is branding the new stations as 'Museum Stops,' simply because we want to make it easier for customers to know which stops to use when they want to visit the museums, gardens and other institutions in this amazing, culturally rich neighborhood,” said RTA CEO and General Manager Joe Calabrese.

“This branding is not only important for our customers who reside in Greater Cleveland, but will make planning the trip simple, especially for the many tourists that come to Cleveland to visit these world-class institutions.”

The new Museum Stops are located on Euclid Avenue at Stearns Road and Stokes Boulevard. They serve traffic in both directions.

The HealthLine carries nearly 4 million people a year. Annual ridership has increased about 60 percent since its opening in 2008.

"Every weekday, there are 266 trips on the HealthLine to and from these Museum Stops, so getting to and from the  museums is very convenient," Calabrese said.

"And with travel and tourism on the rise, we know that the HealthLine connects visitors to the University Circle area with greater ease and frequency. Demand for service on the HealthLine continues to grow. With five-minute frequency during peak travel periods, the HealthLine operates 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week,” he said.

“University Circle has become one of the premier destinations in Northern Ohio. That’s because it is the world’s greatest concentration of education, medical, arts and cultural institutions – all located in one city neighborhood.

“Whether on bus or train, 60 percent of the trips we provide take workers to work, 23 percent of the trips take students to school and 9 percent take customers to medical appointments. Now, more than ever, local visitors and tourists use RTA to access the world-renowned cultural institutions right across the street,” Calabrese said.

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