Mar 6, 2017

CLEVELAND -- The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) today resumed bus operations on Superior Avenue in Public Square.

Four bus routes stop within the Square

  • 3 eastbound and westbound
  • 26 westbound
  • 38 eastbound and westbound
  • 81 eastbound.

Other buses operate through the Square

22, 45, 51 (all routes), 53, 55 (Cleveland State Line, all routes), 79 (all routes), and Park-N-Ride routes: 246, 251 and 263.

These are the same bus routes that were originally planned to operate on Superior Avenue after the reconstruction of Public Square.

All Trolleys will continue to go around the Square.

Prior to construction, a total of 961 buses crossed the Square. Now, 885 buses will cross the Square daily.

RTA staff will be on hand at Public Square for several weeks to provide information to customers.

RTA expects to save $801,000 per year by the buses being routed more directly through Public Square and avoiding the delays caused by the bus reroutes around the perimeter of the Square.

Maps and additional information can be found here.