May 19: Cleveland Marathon News - Special service & bus reroutes

 May 19: Cleveland Marathon News - Special service & bus reroutes

May 9, 2013

CLEVELAND -- Whether you are racing or cheering on your friends and family, the Waterfront Line can get you to the start of the race in plenty of time. That's the goal of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

Service starts before 5 a.m.

With special early hours for the Cleveland Marathon, RTA begins Waterfront Line service just before 5 a.m. on May 19 to the West Third Station. The first Waterfront Line train leaves Tower City at 4:50 a.m.

Regular service runs until 6:30 p.m. RTA provides this early special service for residents and visitors who want to be green, and save money on parking. Buy an All-Day Pass for just $5, and leave the driving to RTA..

The Waterfront Line, an extension of the Blue & Green Line trains; connects with the Red Line at Tower City.

Major bus reroutes 

Because the Marathon and 10K routes are on major roadways, many RTA buses will be diverted before and during the race. Roads are closed from 7 a.m. to end of race (estimated 1 p.m.)

  • 1: No service on St. Clair between E. 79 and W. 3rd,. Use Euclid downtown, and Superior, from E, 79 to  E. 55. 
  • 3: No service on Superior between E. 55 and Tower City. Use Euclid.
  • 8, 11, 14, 15, 77No service on St. Clair, E. 6th and on Ontario, from Euclid to Lakeside.
  • 10: No service between Wade Park and Euclid.
  • 19: No service on Ontario, from Euclid to Lakeside; St. Clair, E. 6th.
  • 203551: No service on W. 25th from Clark to Prospect-Ontaro. 
  • 22: No service on Lorain from W. 44 and W. 25 to Prospect-Ontario.
  • 26No service on Detroit from W. 85 to Prospect-Ontario.
  • 38No service on Hough/Payne, from E. 55 to Tower City, Use Euclid.
  • 45No service between W. 65-Lorain to Prospect-Ontario.
  • 48No service at E. 97th Layover. Board on eastbound Euclid.
  • 79: No service from Fulton-Clark to Prospect-Ontario.
  • 81: No service from W. 14th-Clark to Prospect-Ontario.
  • 90No serivice on E. 9th or St. Clair or Ontario.
  • HealthLine: No service between E. 22nd and Public Square.
  • C-Line Trolley: No service on E. 14th, St. Clair, E. 12th, W. 9th, Lakeside, W. 6th, Superior
  • L Line Trolley: No service until E. 9th is reopened after race. Use the Waterfront Line to reach lakefront attractions.