The New GCRTA Railcar Replacement Program Webpage

 The New GCRTA Railcar Replacement Program Webpage

Apr 4, 2024

Cleveland, OH - The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) has launched a new webpage at, that provides in-depth information about the Railcar Replacement Program.

At a budget of approximately $393 million, this program aims to replace GCRTA’s 40 heavy rail cars and 34 light rail cars with 60 common railcars that can access both heavy and light rail platforms. Having a common railcar provides the benefits of reduced inventory and maintenance costs, streamlined mechanic and operator training, and increased rail route flexibility and customer access.

The program budget also supports necessary infrastructure upgrades such as rail station platform modifications needed throughout the rail system to accommodate the new narrower railcars.

Information on the webpage includes:

  • Program Overview
  • Milestones Timeline
  • Funding & Financial Impact
  • News & Updates
  • Photo Gallery

Content on the webpage will be updated regularly until the program reaches completion, currently planned for the fall of 2027. 

We invite you to visit the new webpage at, to learn more about this historic and transformational program.