RTA Statement: Mandatory Face Coverings on Public Transportation

Feb 5, 2021

On February 1, 2021, the Presidential Executive Order mandating masks be worn on all forms of transportation went into effect. One of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's (RTA) core values is providing customers and employees a safe riding environment.

Therefore, RTA will enforce the mask mandate accordingly. Our Operators will instruct all passengers to wear a mask while riding. If a passenger refuses to wear a mask, the Operator will contact Transit Police, and they will address the passenger at the nearest stop.

The goal of our Transit Police Department is to gain compliance through cooperation, and we believe that we can accomplish this by enforcement through communication.

Many of our Operators and Transit Police officers will have an extra supply of masks to give to passengers who need one, as do our Service Quality Supervisors and Customer Service Center employees at our busiest transit centers: Tower City and Windermere Rapid Station.

If we are to combat the spread COVID-19 in our community, we must do this together. To protect yourself and others in public, please wear a face covering.

Media Contact:

Linda Krecic
216-390-9605 (cell)