Trip planning for NEXT GEN RTA now available!

Google Maps users: Simply plan your trip with a date of June 13 or later, and results will be returned using NEXT GEN RTA service. Be advised, while NEXT GEN RTA stops will be used in your trip plan, the stops may not be visible if you are just browsing the map.

Transit app users: Simply follow these steps to allow your app to use the "preview feed", which will return results using NEXT GEN RTA service.

  1. Tap "settings" (gear icon, top left corner).
  2. Then tap the middle slider icon at the top of the screen.
    turn off "GCRTA", turn on "Next Gen RTA Preview"
  3. Under "Bus", turn off "GCRTA" and turn on "Next Gen RTA Preview".
  4. Then tap "Done" This will show you what the network will look like starting June 13.
    preview results will be labled "strarting June 13"
  5. To go back to the current system, just follow the instructions again, but turn off "Next Gen RTA Preview" and turn "GCRTA" back on.


To determine which NEXT GEN route(s) will provide service corresponding to a current route, please consult this cross-reference chart.

The Basics

  • What is NEXT GEN RTA?

    • NEXT GEN RTA will increase the convenience of using transit by enhancing bus frequency and connectivity.  Passengers will have reduced wait times and more “one-seat” rides which will improve access to schools, jobs, and other key destinations.  NEXT GEN RTA will provide passengers with greater frequency, greater connectivity for a greater Cleveland.

  • When will the changes for NEXT GEN begin?

    • ​June 13, 2021

  • Why did RTA decide to change the way the bus system runs?

    • ​The redesign is a result of the 2019 Pillar Study that looked at the improvements RTA could make to the bus network. During the study, several online and public engagement sessions were conducted. The resulting network comes from the feedback from the community which indicated that there was a desire to improve frequency but to continue serving all neighborhoods/communities RTA does today.

  • Are these changes temporary?

    • ​No. This is a complete bus system redesign that will provide greater frequency and connectivity throughout the RTA network. RTA staff will monitor this new service and make adjustments as necessary.

Plan Implementation

  • Why are some bus routes being discontinued?

    • ​NEXT GEN RTA routes have been re-aligned to improve frequency and connectivity. As a result, service on some streets will be discontinued. However, every neighborhood that is currently served today will still be served under NEXT GEN. Some route numbers will also be changing.

  • Will my route be discontinued?

    • Some routes, names, and segments of streets will be discontinued. We made every effort to ensure that areas currently serviced will continue to be serviced by a new NEXT GEN RTA route.

  • Will all new bus routes run more frequently?

    • ​Many NEXT GEN routes will have frequencies of 15 minutes during weekday, daytime hours. Frequency on weekends will be improved for multiple routes. Increased frequency will enable riders to have better connectivity and reduced travel times. Look at the individual route pages for details.

  • Will I be able to make my connections on time?

    • ​With improved frequency, you may not have to wait as long for your connection. Additionally, with routes being merged, your need to transfer may be eliminated.

  • Do these new routes cover more of the county than the current routes?

    • ​The NEXT GEN network provides access to a few new places, but mainly continues to serve the neighborhoods that are in the current network, but with improved frequency.

  • What's changed since the original proposal?

    • ​2: Restored weekday service
      3: Reduced overnight service to hourly, same level as all other overnight bus routes
      7: Added midday service to 7A
      8: Restored seven day service on Prospect Ave and Cedar Ave
      8: Extended service to Shaker Square, via Buckeye Rd
      16: Restored weekday service
      19-19A-19B: Added weekday rush hour to 19B service to Fargo Ave
      25: Added weekday service to Lakeview Terrace, via West 25th St
      26-26A: Added evening and weekend service to 26A
      31: Increased evening and weekend frequencies
      37: Maintaining current weekend frequencies
      50: Extended service to the Cleveland Clinic
      Red Line: Shifted westbound trips 2 minutes earlier
      Blue & Green Lines: Shifted trips to improve connection at East 55th Station
      B-Line:  Maintaining modified route alignment
      71: Extended 30min rush hour service to Strongsville
      94: Will not extend weekend service to Tri-C Eastern Campus

  • How can I obtain new routing information to get me where I need to go?

    • ​Information can be found at, you can call the RTAnswerline at 216-621-9500, or ask our Customer Service staff at Tower City Center.

      Trip planning via Google Transit and RTA's Trip Planner have been updated to reflect these upcoming changes. Planning a trip with a travel date of June 13, 2021 or later will give you results using the NEXT GEN routes that will be in effect at that time. Some trip plans may not yet show accurate stop locations -- this is a known issue, and we are working with Google to resolve it.

  • Can you explain these new routes? They are confusing.

    • ​RTA recognizes this is a lot of new information to take in. Our Telephone Information team is happy to help answer your questions. Please call 216-621-9500, Monday - Friday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., if you need more detailed information on a specific route.

Specific Services

  • Will all the Park-N-Rides still be a part of the NEXT GEN routes?

    • ​The Strongsville Park-N-Ride (251) will remain in service; however, the North Olmsted and Westlake Park-N-Rides will be served differently. The Westlake Park-N-Ride will be served by branches of the Cleveland State Line (55B and 55C). The North Olmsted Park-N-Ride will be served by the extension of the Cleveland State Line (55).

  • Why is RTA replacing the Park-N-Ride service with inter-city routes?

    • ​We are making this change to increase service efficiency, which enables RTA to improve service to Cuyahoga County residents as a whole.

  • Will NEXT GEN bring back any of the other trolleys?

    • ​The B-Line Trolley will remain in service running the modified route that started in August 2020. The NineTwelve Trolley, E-Line and C-Line Trolleys are not included in NEXT GEN.

Preparations for the Future

  • Why are informational bus stop signs being covered up with blue tape?

    • ​To prepare the bus stop signs for the redesign changeover, our Sign Shop has been busy at work printing and placing new bus stop signs. So we don't confuse customers with this new information that won't be accurate until June, the signs will look just a little different and will have dark colored tape over route information. Take a look at the blog post on bus stop signs for more details.